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Walk Throught the Fire Guitar Tablature
Tempo : 101 bpm

 4/4 C|Bb |Bb | Dm |Dm

|Dm                            |C
BUFFY: I touch the fire and it freezes me.
|Bb         Eb            |C
   I look into it and it's black.
   Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel.
|Dm           C   |Bb
   I want the fire back.

|Dm                           |C
    Now through the smoke, she calls to me.
|Bb            Eb             |C
    To make my way across the flame.
|Dm           F      |G7/B
   To save the day or maybe melt away,
|Dm            C       |Bb
  I guess it's all the same.

         |F    C           |Bb
So I will walk through the fire
      |F          C     |Bb
'Cause where else can I turn?
      |F    C           |Bb
I will walk through the fire
And let it...

|Dm                       |C
SPIKE: The torch I bear is scorching me.
|Bb        Eb               |C
   Buffy's laughing, I've no doubt.
|Dm           F
   I hope she fries;
I'm free if that bitch dies.
|Dm        C         |Bb
  I better help her out.

                    |F     C     |Bb
SWEET: 'Cause she is drawn to the fire.

           |F        C     |Bb
SWEET:Some people    never learn.
SPIKE:      She will never learn.

            |F    C          |Bb
SWEET:And she will walk through the fire
SPIKE:And she will walk through the fire

SWEET:And let it...
SPIKE:And let it...

    | Bb
GILES:Will this do a thing to change her?
Am I leaving Dawn in danger?
|Dm/A        G       F      |Gsus2
Is my Slayer too far gone to care?

XANDER:What if Buffy can't defeat it?
ANYA:Beady Eyes is right! We're needed.
|Asus4                 Gsus2        |G
ANYA:Or we could just sit around and glare.

ALL:We'll see it through,
It's what we're always here to do.
          |F    C          |Bb
So we will walk through the fire.

|Dm                     |C
BUFFY:So one by one they turn from me.

|Bb               Eb                    |C
BUFFY: I guess my friends can't face the cold.
TARA:                                        What can't we

   |Dm              F         |G7/B
BUFFY:    But why I froze, not one among them knows
TARA: face.                                   If we're to-

       |Dm           C      |Bb
BUFFY:     And never can be told.
TARA: ge - ther?

SWEET:     So   one  by  one,       they
ANYA:  She came from the grave much graver.

SWEET:  come          to    me.
SPIKE:First he'll kill her, then I'll save her.

| Bb                Eb              |C
SWEET:  The distant redness as their guide.
TARA: Everything is turning out so   wrong.
BUFFY:                               going through the

   |Dm                   F
SWEET:  That    single   flame
SPIKE:No, I'll save her, then I'll kill her!

SWEET:Ain't what they had in mind.
WILLOW:I think this line's mostly filler.
BUFFY: go  -  ing       through   the

  |Dm                          C         |Bb
SWEET:      It's  what   they  have in-side.
GILES: What it going to take to strike a  spark?
BUFFY: motion...

BUFFY:   These endless days

BUFFY:   Are finally ending in a blaze.
SWEET:   She    will    come

             |F      C      |Bb
ALL:      And we are caught in the fire.
SWEET: to            me.

       |F        C      |Bb
ALL:The point of no re-turn.
           |F   C          |Bb
So we will walk through the fire

    C        |Db |C
And let it... burn.
      |Db |C
Let it burn.
      |Db |Db      |F      ||
Let it burn. Let it burn!

Have fun!