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If I Had You Guitar Tablature
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If I had you                    Mayo/Chater sung by Alabama

 D              G                        D  
1. If I had you we'd run like gypsies    in the wind
2. If I had you we'd count the stars all one by one
3. If I had you we's sail the seven      seas as one

   G              D                   A            D
1. we'd be lovers and we'd be friends     if I had you
2. we'd make love till they were gone oh, if I had you
3. we'd never say it can't be done        if I had you

      G           A    D        e     G
Cause you light a fire way down in my soul

    G                  A        D          e      G   D
the flame keeps growin stronger there ain't no control

            G                   A
and there's nothing, no there's nothing

               D            e     D    G D e D A 
I know there's nothing that I wouldn't do 

if I had you
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