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It Would be You Guitar Tablature
"It Would Be You"
by Gary Allan
From the CD "It Would Be You"
A tab by Zach Waters  zwaters@ga.prestige.net

G - C9 - D  x 2

B-----------------------| Lead played over Intro chords

C9                                          D             G
It's hard describing a heartache, oh it's a one of a kind thing
          C9             D                   G 
A serious injury, and a whole lotta endless pain
G           Am     D              G  Bm C  G/B Am                 Dsus4 D
If it was a storm, I'd compare it hurricane,   oh it's even got a name

G                             D 
If it was a drink, it would a strong one
            G                    C9
If it was a sad song, it would a long one
            G                    Am    G/B  C9
If it was a color, it would be a deep, deep blue
C9                  G/B    Am       D             G
but if we're talkin bout a heartache, it would be you

G                                       D
If there was a full moon, it would be a total eclipse
            G                           C9
If it was a tital wave, it would sink a thousand ships
            G                       Bm7
If it was a blizzard, it would be a record breaking cold
                C9                           D  
And if it was a lie, it would be the biggest story you ever told

[Repeat chorus]