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Church On Sunday Guitar Tablature
green day
church on subday
Eii (x799xx) E5 (022xxx)

Intro: A D Eii (4 TIMES)

First Verse:
A                             D           Eii
Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

A                          D                   Eii    
Tomorrow is too late to pretend everything's alright, now

A                              D                 Eii
I'm not getting any younger as long as you don't get any older.

A                              D         Eii
I'm not gonna state that yesterday never was

Eii           F#            A    
Bloodshot deadbeat, lack of sleep

Making your mascara bleed.

              F#            A             Eii
Tears on your face, leaving traces of my mistakes, when I say

A                     D         Eii
If I promise to go to church on sunday,

A                      D      Eii
Will you go with me on friday night?

A                        D       Eii            A              E5 (strum about 6 times)
If you live with me I'll die for you and this compromise.

Second Verse:
A                          D              Eii
I hereby solemnly swear to tell the whole truth.

A                                D                   Eii
And nothin' but the truth is all I'll ever hear from you, now

A                            D          Eii
"Trust" is a dirty word that comes from such a liar.

A                                 D                 Eii  
But "respect" is something I will learn if you have faith... (back to Pre chorus)

There it is. I can't figure out the ending it's a little different. Just listen to the
song and you'll get the hang of it.
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