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Stumbleine Guitar Tablature
Melvin Wevers [email protected]
Riff A
 Riff A = D Dsus
Bm 	7 	A	5	G5	3	C	8	Dsus(10)	10
	9		7		5		10			12
	0		0		0		0			0

D Dsus	 Bm(7)				              A(5)
		Boredom’s in the bathroom shaking out the loose teeth
D Dsus	 Bm							  A(5)
		Sally in the stirrups claiming her own destiny
D Dsus     	 Bm					  A(5)
		And nobody nowhere understands anything 
G5           A7	   Csus2(8)       G5
	about me and all my dreams
Asus 		Bm
lost  	at sea
D Dsus	Bm                          A(5)
Jack it up, Judy set your heart alight
D Dsus	Bm      			    A(5)
Mayfair mistress of the satellites
D Dsus	Bm				    A(5)
Mispent Youth faking up a rampage
G5		 A7		Csus	    G5
to hold off the real slaves
Asus		   Bm
paid off and staid

Dsus(10)	  Asus     G5     Dsus      Asus    G5        Csus2		G5
And what you never knew 	can never get to you so fake 			it
Dsus		  Asus     G5	Dsus      Asus       G5      C		G5
I’ll be your stumbleine 	I’ll be your superqueen and make		you

Bm					Asus
Jukebox *** up, hanging ‘round the drug-store
D Dsus	Bm						A(5)
No matter what you say, he’ll be back for more
D Dsus	Bm  					  A(5)
Mommy’s in the manger with the little kids
D Dsus           Bm					A(5)
She’s got no reasons and got my forgets
G5		A7	   Csus2        G5
of tears and idle 	threats
misplaced and

Dsus		Asus	    G5	Dsus	    Asus	 G5		Csus2		G5
no matter what they do 		can never get to you so fake 			it
Dsus		Asus	    G5	Dsus	    Asus	 G5		Csus  G5	Bm	Asus
I’ll be a stumbleine 		I’ll be a superqueen and make you 		 me

D Dsus	Bm						Asus
Come around ruby I could never sleep alone
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