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Take Me Down Guitar Tablature
The Smashing Pumpkins
Take me down
Off Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness:
Dawn to Dusk (1995)
Written by James Iha
Tabbed by Jimi Jackson

One of the James´ underestimated masterpieces.
There are a lot of chords in this song. Just
try to learn them all. I know you acoustic
guitarists out there have been waiting for this.

Tune down your guitar to Eb


   E  E/Cmin Emaj7 Esus2 A  A5 Gmin Gmin5 Dmin/E5 Csus2 Bsus2 Fmin5

E/Cmin | Emaj7 | E/Cmin | Emaj7

E/Cmin        Emaj7
 Take me down to the underground

E/Cmin                  Emaj7
 Won´t you take me down to the underground

Why oh why, there is no light

And if I can´t sleep, can you hold my life

   Esus2  Dmin/E5  Csus2  Bsus2
And all I see´s you

And all I see is you

E/Cmin | Emaj7 | E/Cmin | Emaj7

E/Cmin          Emaj7
  And take my hand, I lost where I began

In my heart I know all my faults

      Emaj7       E
Will you help me understand

 And believe in you

You´re the other half of me

Csus2           Bsus2
Soothe… and heal…

When you sleep when you dream

        Bsus2             Bsus2
I´ll be there if you need me, 

whenever I hear you sing

A5         Emaj7  A         Esus2
There is a sun,      it´ll come, 

   Dmin/E5   Csus2    Bsus2      A5
the sun, I hear them call me down

  Esus2          Dmin/E5
I held you once, a love that once,

Csus2          Bsus2  
And life had just began

And you´re all I see

  Esus2           Dmin/E5        Csus2
And trumpets blew, and angels flew…

On the otherside

And you´re all I see

And you´re all I need

        Fmin5                E
There´s a love that god puts in your heart

Good song. Rate this please.

And never forget

"It´s too late to recover"
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