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On the Road Again Guitar Tablature
i saw that there were no country bands here so i decided what the heck. here is a kinda fun song to play but it gets old after a while. 

E                       G#
on the road again ,  just cant wait to get on the road again 
the life i love is playing music with my friends 
A                  B
i cant wait to get on the road again

         A                                                     E
on the road again, like a band of gypsies we move on down the hiway
             A                                                          E
"something something something" insisting that the world be turning our way
and our way

    --------there this is all really the 1st prt is the verse and the next is the chorus. like i said it is sorta fun but it gets old and plus this is my first time to submit something. next week ill try to get some gnr and van halen up in here.
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