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Give Me A Ring Sometime Lyrics

Album/Collection: Every Little Girl's Dream
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(Kris Bergsnes/Bob Moulds/Sharon Anderson)

I caught you glancing in a pawn shop window
You caught me looking there too
Just a little quarter carat diamond
But it was sparkling true

I could see you were a little uneasy
You said you we're running late
And later on parked over in my driveway
I said boy you're gonna have to wait

If you really want to be my baby
I really want you to be mine all mine
If you want to talk about forever
That's what's on my mind-give me a ring Sometime

I always love the little things you give me
Yellow roses and sweet perfume
I was still the first time you kissed me
But just a liitle too soon

Where I come from love stands for Something
And it's worth the wait
Maybe I'm a little old fashioned
But baby that's ok

(Repeat Chorus)

Don't keep my heart on the line

(Repeat Chorus)

Give me a ring sometime
Give me a ring sometime

(Submitted by:  Jeffrey G. F.)

Give Me A Ring Sometime Lyrics

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