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You Already Drove Me There Lyrics

Album/Collection: Every Little Girl's Dream
Online Since: 07-Nov-2002
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(Scott Edward Phelps/Cyril Rawson)

It's just after five
You're still asleep
There's a taxi outside
So I'm leavin' this note
And I hope it explains
Where I once saw a fire
There's not even a flame
So when you awake I'll be gone
And I won't ask a thing from now on

I don't need this house
So you keep the keys
I won't need that rug
I won't be down on my knees
I've packed up this heart
And I'm movin' cross town
To the arms of someone who cares
And I don't need the car
You already drove me there

Now I want you to know
That I never thought
I could let go
But he came along
At a time and a place
When the distance from you
Was a terrible space
You gave me reasons to leave
But he gives me all that I need

(Repeat Chorus)

(Submitted by:  Jeffrey G. F.)

You Already Drove Me There Lyrics

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