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Mr. Midnight Lyrics

Album/Collection: Scarecrow
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Rain on the roof and time on my hands
It sure seemed quit out there in radio land
They call me at the all-night station
Make their special dedications
And I do my best to play their request
When it's a desperate situation
This was a desperate situation

I'm Mr. Midnight alone and blue
The brokenhearted call me up
When they don't know what else to do
Every song is a reminder of the love that they once knew
I'm Mr. Midnight can I play a song for you

caller on the line could you please hold on?
I recognized her voice the minute I picked up the phone
Should I tell her that it's me or leave it at a memory
Haven't been myself since the day she left
And I'm never gonna be
I'm forever gonna be

[Repeat Chorus]

Imagine my surprise when she spoke my name
She said, Could you tell him that I love him and I wish things could be the same.
Then a voice I never knew 
Said, Honey, who you talking to?

[Repeat chorus]

Mr. Midnight Lyrics

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