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Another Minute Lyrics

Album/Collection: Personal Conversation
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Yeah, can I taste you
You know you want me to

Let's not waste another minute
Let's not waste another minute

My love for you is burning. Your very soul is yearning. Wanna give your love 
to me.
And baby you would like to see how a man like me could love a woman like you. 
Just think of the things that we could do, babe. If you want to stay the 
night. Everything could be alright.

Let's not waste another minute, babe. 
I just got to get it through to you.
What I want to do. 
Make love to you.
The whole night through with you.

Can't believe your by my side. Holding me close tonight. Telling me you wanna 
be all mine. And asking if I had the time to give you all you want, Yea oh 
oh, I'll kiss your back and I'll lick your front. You must understand that 
I'm just a man and I've been waiting here forever, Can I start wherever I 
want to.

[CHORUS x 2]

We've got all night to spend.
(Yes we do, if you don't mind, baby)
If you should change your mind or if you need some time.
('Cause I know we're going to go to far)

[CHORUS x 3]

You make me say yea
(Let's not waste another minute baby)
Sing it with me
(Yeaaaa, oh oh)
One more time, sing it yeaaaa, oh oh oh oh, c'mon
(Yeaaaa, yeaa, yeaa, oh, oh)

[CHORUS until fade]

Another Minute Lyrics

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