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Another Trip To The Well Lyrics

Album/Collection: The Dirt Road
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         She finds her self alone more and more these days
         The man she loves Is gone but the love ain't gone away
         Like drawing water up from a well beneath the earth
         She dips down In the love she's known to wash away the hurt 

         And she keeps on goin' even when the heartach's growin' strong
         There's a peace she's knowin' like a river flowin' on
         It's been there all along
         And when the darkness fell
         She made another trip to the well 

         She's worked real hard for love - she's earned her memories
         She may be looking back - but that ain't all she sees
         She wears a cross around her neck to show what she believes
         It's the love at heart not the love at hand that never ever leaves 

       Chorus repeats twice 

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Another Trip To The Well Lyrics

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