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Chain Of Love Lyrics

Album/Collection: Cafe On The Corner
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  Everyone should know a love like this
  One you can't hold back, you can't resist
  One that shows without a doubt
  What life is all about 

  You showed me the more love's given
  The more love's found
  It's a circle that just keeps goin' around
  You gave somethin' to be a part of
  You made me a link in the chain of love
  You made me a link in the chain of love 

  I've been up against the wall a time or two
  But I never tought that love would get me through
  Now I know that love will abide
  Because I'm standing on the other side 

Chorus repeats twice 

(c)Copyright 1992 by Zoo ll Music / Myrt & Chuck's Boy Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved 

Chain Of Love Lyrics

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