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Down Louisiana Way Lyrics

Album/Collection: Lead On
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I'm goin' down Louisiana way
I was born down Louisiana way
I'm going back as of this very day
Don't worry about me 'cause I'll be okay
I was born down Louisiana way
I'm goin' down Louisiana way

I will lmiss all my old Chicago friends
And think about you San Fransicao now and then
I will remember my compadres in L.A.
Look me up down Louisiana way

Repeat Chorus

Don't let your eyes get misty now
We knew the time would come around for me to go 
I will miss you 

So long friend, I'll see you while ago
I might be back sometime, you just never know
I have left a sweetheart north of Whiskey Bay
True love waits down Louisiana way 

Down Louisiana Way Lyrics

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