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I'd Just As Soon Go Lyrics

Album/Collection: Blue Clear Sky
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You say you want to talk it over
Want to try again
But there's no way of workin' out
This love that we're not in 

We could talk and talk and accomplish nothin' 
We've tried it all before
It's time somebody did some walkin'
And I can see the door

So I'd just as soon go
I'd just as soon say goodbye
there's no reason to prolong 
What we should just let die

And I'd just as soon stop
I'd just as soon end the madness
Knowin' what I know
I'd just as soon go

It's not an easy thing to do 
Leavin' seldom ever is
But stayin' just to see us through
Just ain't no way to live

It's hard for you to understand
But we're  better off this way
I can't fake it one more night 
Or take it one more day

I'd Just As Soon Go Lyrics

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