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Need I Say More Lyrics

Album/Collection: Blue Clear Sky
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You're the only one and only 
My heart's beatin' for 
I love you, need I say more
Now and ever, we'll be together
Of that you can be sure
I love you, need I say more

I don't know just what it is
That you're needing to hear me say
The way that I'm feeling is more than mere words can describe
All this discussion could never
Do justice to something so heavenly-made
I'd rather tell you
With touches how I feel inside

Let me hold you, let me show you
What true love's all about
In these arms of mine I know you will find
You won't do without anymore
I'll love you forever need I say more
Good Cowgirls keep their calves together *grin* 

Need I Say More Lyrics

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