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Rockin' In The Arms Of Your Memory Lyrics

Album/Collection: Blue Clear Sky
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The first time I saw you
You were waitin' tables at the corner diner
I said to myself
Never seen a woman look any finer

From that moment on
I was stone cold gone
You would be forever in my mind

Now somewhere in the neon lights
I'm holdin' on for dear life
Rockin' in the arms of your memory tonight

It was San Francisco
Silly suits and white ties by the bay 
You appeared with your papa
Tear were rollin' down your mother's face

Everyone was happy
Showered by well wishers as we drove away

I'm living but dying
I'm laughing but crying
Somebody tell me it will be alright

I bought it for your birthday
God you looked so lovely in that dress
I took you to a party 
Or was it to a night club I forget

Been twenty years and counting
I'm drowning in your love a little more each day

Rockin' In The Arms Of Your Memory Lyrics

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