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Deeper Then The Holler Lyrics

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( Paul Overstreet / Don Schlitz )

I've heard those city singers singing
'Bout how they can love
Deeper the the ocean
Higher then the stars above
Well, I come from the country
And I know I ain't seen it all
But I've heard that ocean's salty
And the stars, sometime they fall
And I would not do justice
To the way I feel for you
So I had to sing a song
About all the things I knew

CHORUS: My love is
Deeper then the holler
Stronger then the river
Higher then the pine trees
Growing tall upon the hill
My love is
Purer then the snowflakes
That fall in late December
Honest as a robin on a springtime window sill
Longer then then song of a

From the backroads to the Broadway shows	
With a million miles between	
There's at least a million love songs	
That people love to sing	
Everyone is different	
And everyone's the same	
This is just another way	
Of saying the same thing	


Deeper Then The Holler Lyrics

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