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In Another's Eyes Lyrics

Album/Collection: A Collection Of Hits (Songbook)
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(duet with Garth Brooks) 

In another's eyes 
I'm someone who loves her enough to walk away from you 
I'd never cheat, I'd never lie
In Another's eyes 

In Another's eyes
I can do no wrong
He believes in me and his faith is strong
I'd never fall or even compromise
In another's eyes

In Another's eyes
I'm afraid that i can't see 
This picture perfect portrait 
That they paint of me
They don't realize
And I pray they never do
'Cause everytime I look
I'm seein' you
In Another's eyes 

In another's eyes starin' back at me
I see a sinking soul trying desperately
To turn the tide before it dies
In another's eyes
And what they don't see is killing me
And it's a blessing and a curse that love is blind
(repeat chorus)

In Another's Eyes Lyrics

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