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Somebody's Love Lyrics

Album/Collection: Past the Point of Rescue
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Hal Ketchum & Pat Alger

I stood up for you when you married
I thought you were one lucky guy
You had the world in your pocket
She had that look of love in her eye

Now you call me at one in the morning
To tell me what you're going through
It's not working out like you wanted
Well, I'm not the one to be telling this to


	Cause, brother when you say
	She's not all that you dreamed of
	I say you're dreamin' too much
	Cause I know she's more than
	Some damn fool deserves
	I know she's somebody's love
	Yes, I know she's somebody's love

I've watched her raising your children
She was there when the going got tough
And just when she needed your lovin'
You strung her along on just barely enough



And if I had your luck this time
You'd be gone...she'd be mine
All of my friends would say
There goes that lucky guy

Oh, I know she's somebody's love.

Somebody's Love Lyrics

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