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Spanish Rose Lyrics

Notes: I played Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie, so fter the first spoken part at the beginning of the song, I used a spanish accent. It might be kinda cool for you too!
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I'm just a Spanish tamale according to Mae 
Right off the boat from the tropics far far away 
Which is kind of funny 
Since where I come from is Allentown, Pa 

Ok, may I'll be Spanish 
Right after I've married Alberto 

I'll be the toast of chi-chi Costanango, 
And all day long my castanets will click! 
I'll hide behind my fan and do the tango! 
I'll be so Spanish it'll make you sick! 
I'll eat the tacos and the enchilada! 
I'll drink Tequila till I feel no pain! 
The only song I'll sing will be "Granada"! 
I'll be more "espaƱol" than Abbe Lane! 

Coo coo coo 
La cuc.........racha 
Call me the wild Spanish rose! 
The craziest flower that grows 
I'll kick up my heels and see 
how it feels to be sultry Spanish rose 

Behind my mantilla I will pose 
The beauty that nobody knows! 
So regal and cool, exciting and cruel, 
That's me! Spanish rose 

(My name Rosita Hernandez!) 
(You'll buy my "tortilla"!) 
(You like me, yes? No? Maybe? "Eeyuckh!") 

"Americano" let me give you a bit of advice 
To cross Spanish Rose, isn't wise
Your match you have found 
So don't mess around 
Her heart is cold as ice! 

With Albert I will dance to the bolero 
We'll cha cha in the nicest honky tonks 
Hell wear a little mustache and sombrero 
My handsome Latin lover from the Bronx 

So now that you've met Spanish rose 
Never forget Spanish rose 
Shell taunt you, 
Shell tame you but what man can blame you 
For worshiping Spanish rose. 

Not Danish 
Not British 
Not Swedish 
Not Yiddish 
But span............................ish 

Spanish Rose Lyrics

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