Moisés Moleiro (1904–1979) was a pianist and composer. Moleiro had only three months of tuition at the age of six with Manuel Martí Sansón. In 1924, he began four years of music studies in Caracas under the renowned piano teacher Don Salvador Llamozas. In 1927 Moleiro graduated as a pianist. His first recital was given in 1931. Moleiro was founder of the Orfeón Lamas, where he made a valuable contribution as composer. In addition, he was professor of piano at the Caracas Musical Declamation Academy (today "José Ángel Lamas"). His works have been performed in the United States, Europe and many Latin American countries. Moleiro composed many works, including compositions for song, piano, choir, etc.

One of his most popular compositions is the Joropo, a piano take on Venezuela's folkloric music. (WIkipedia)

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