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Always and Forever (secret Song) Guitar Tablature
play this the whole song and after the chorus when 
they say u will live forever blah play this untill 
they are done singing that part----(after the arrows) 
then back into the verse end on the 1s chord u start with in the song

-3-----3-------3------3-------------------------->  ----3--------3-------
-3-----3-------3------3------------------------- >  ----3--------3-------
-0-----0-------0------0-------------------------->  ----0--------0-------
-2-(X6)0--(X6)-0-(X6)-0-(X6)--------------------->  ----2--(X12)-0--(X12)
-0-----3-------2------3-------------------------->  ----0--------3-------
-0-----0-------0------0-------------------------->  ----0--------0-------

this tab is 100% correct....have fun email me if its rite at [email protected]
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