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Aqueous Transmission Guitar Tablature
Song: Aqueous Transmission
Artist: Incubus
Album: Morning View
Tabbed by: Ryan ([email protected])

      h - hammer on 
      p - pull off 
      b - bend string up
      r - release bend
      / - slide up
       - slide down
      ~ - vibrato
      t - tap (with strumming hand)
      x - muted, struck string

Mike plays it on an electric sitar but folks at home can just pick closer to
the bridge.

OPEN D Tuning

1)To get to open d simply drop the 6th string(low E) to d exactly one octave 
below the D(4th) string. Check with the 7th fret it should match the A string. 

2)Next drop your 1st string(high e) to d exactly one octave above ur D(4th 
string) and 2 octaves above the newely tuned 1st string. Check with 3rd fret
of ur b string it should match ur 1st string

3)Now drop your 2nd string(b) to an a exactly one octave higher than ur A
(5th)string. Check with the 2nd fret of the g (3rd)string.

You can play it in dropped d it doesnt quite sound as good tho.
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