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Breaking the Girl Guitar Tablature
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kay, I finally got my Red Hot's Blood Sugar Sex Magic book back
from my friend so I'm going to post some of the FAQs about it (as
well as some of my other favorite bits).  The songbook has the complete
tab for guitar and bass and seems to be of very high quality --
very detailed.  Hopefully you will gain a greater appreciation of
John Frusciante's guitar work from it.  Some of the earlier stuff
I posted from it was strictly from my memory, so was wrong in places.
I will be correcting those bits as well.

PLEASE NOTE: I will take requests for other bits of it, as well as
lyrics, but I will only respond to those personages who are actually
posting tab on a fairly regular basis.  The ratio of tab requests to
actual tab has been pretty pathetic lately, no?

Another note:  To assuage my guilty conscience about posting copy-
righted material (and possibly taking money out of the pockets of
one of my favorite bands), let me give the address of the company
who makes it:

     Amsco Publications
     Music Sales Corporation
     225 Park Avenue South
     New York, NY 10003

I would certainly encourage any of you to pick up a copy if you get
the chance.  And now, on to the music:


Somebody (Big Toe?) was right: this song is listed as "capoed on
the 4th fret".  That's really the only way to get the intonations
in the right key.



and repeat that for the verses.  (Chords for bridge and chorus
may follow later).  Here are lyrics:

I am a man cut from the know
Rarely do friends come and then go
She was a girl soft but estranged
We were the two our lives rearranged

Feeling so good that day
A feeling of love that day

Twisting and turning your feelings are burning
You're Breaking The Girl
She meant you no harm
Think you're so clever but now you must sever
You're Breaking The Girl
He loves no one else

Verse 2:
Raised by my dad, girl of the day.
He was my dad, that was the way.
She was a girl left alone
Feeling the need to make me her home.
I don't know what or why
the twilight of love had arrived

Mark Schnitzius
University of Central Florida
[email protected]
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