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Go Cry On Somebody (Chords) Guitar Tablature
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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:30:19 -0600 (CST)
From: Joseph M Schwab 
Subject: TAB: Go Cry On Somebody Elses Shoulder by Frank Zappa

Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder
by Frank Zappa
From the Album 'Freak Out'

Transcribed by Joe Schwab ([email protected])

Straight strumming is best for this song. The verse sounds good with a
little arpeggiation, but this is a pretty straightforward tune. Kinda
doo-wop like (real Frankie Vallie stuff, here).


A year ago today
Was when you went away
But now you come back knocking on my door
And you say you're back to stay, but I say

[Chorus 1]
G  Em      C               D
Go cry on somebody else's shoulder
G            Em
I'm somewhat wiser now
C                  D
And one whole year older
G            Em
I sure don't need you now
C       D           G     Em C D7
I don't love you anymore

[Chorus 2]
G              Em
You cheated me baby
    C               D
And told some dirty lies about me
G                             Em
Fooled around with all those other guys
C                   D
That's why I had to set you free
G            Em
I sure don't need you now
C       D           G     C G G7
I don't love you anymore

A year ago today
You went away
G                             G7
And now you come back crying, crying darling to me
I don't need you
No I don't love you anymore
A7                     D7
So go lean on, go cry, on somebody else's door

[chorus 1]

Go ahead and cry
Go ahead and let the tears fall out oy your eyes
Let 'em fall on your dress
Who cares if it makes a mess
I gave you my high school ring
At the rootbeer stand
We had a teenage love, baby
I thought it was sharp it was really so grand, but

[chorus 2]
(change line from "That's why I had to set you free" to "That's
why I had to get my khaki's pressed")

repeat chorus chords and fade while blubbering about how much you love this
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