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Human Touch Lyrics

Album/Collection: Alanis
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Music and lyrics by Frank Levin, Louise Reny, Leslie Howe, & Alanis 

Give me what I'm askin' for 
Stop bringin' me down or I'll slam the door 
You're getting out of line with the Beverly Boys 
You start makin' the moves they start makin' 
the noise 

You know you're not getting lucky 
livin' the life because you're movin' to 
the jungle and paying the price 
You're livin' right along with the 
New Brady Bunch 

Have your people call my people and let's do lunch 
Reaction to the actin there's more to me 
than human flesh 
I've had enough distractions I need some tenderness 

Human Tough I gotta know it's real 
I'm tired of people sellin' their sex appeal 
Human Touch I need human love 
no imitations of oh baby 

A bird in the busy is worth two in 
the street-you know the kind of people 
never want to meet you're sitting really 
pretty in your swimming pool with your 
rock 'n roll tan you keep thinkin' you're 

You know you can't reach Jesus on your 
portable phone he ain't speakin' to the people 
in their Hollywood homes with a toot 
in your snoot and your loot to boot 
you don't even give a hoot about the 
minds you pollute 

Lookin' for deceptions there's more to me 
than human flesh I'm finding new 
directions I need some tenderness! 

Repeat Chorus 

I'm lookin' for the real thing there's more 
to me than human flesh I'm gonna 
stop at nothin' 

Repeat Chorus

Human Touch Lyrics

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