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Anna Liza's Wedding Day (15 Jan 1913) Lyrics

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[1st verse:] 
Oh, my honey, paint your face with a smile 
Wear a smile they can see for a while
Get your Sunday clothes and dress up in style! 
Honey, after a while 
Hire a rubber-tired carriage so nice! 
Don't you worry, honey, I've got the price 
Kindly hurry, honey take my advice 
Shake it up and come along 

Ev'rybody's goin' to town 
Honey, dear, we better go down 
It's Anna 'Liza's wedding day 
They're goin' to give the bride away 
My honey, come and see the cute little bride
With her lovin' man by her side 
Come and hear that parson say 
"Bless you, love and honor and obey" 
Ev'rybody's happy and gay 
It's Anna 'Liza's wedding day 

[2nd verse:] 
Oh, my honey darlin' don't you forget 
There's a wedding cake and say, it's a pet! 
Made by Anna 'Liza's mammy, you bet! 
Sweetest you ever eat 
Oh, my honey, come and let's make a raid! 
On the healthy looking hens that were slayed 
We'll devour them with red lemonade 
Hurry up and come along 

Anna Liza's Wedding Day (15 Jan 1913) Lyrics

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