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I Love Beans Lyrics

Album/Collection: Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que
Online Since: 07-Nov-2002
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Here's a lovely song about my favorite food
Lima, lento, soy, and pinto
Navy, northern, and garbanzo
Kidneys and frijoles negros
I love beans

I love beans
Woo woo woo!
I love beans
How 'bout you?
High in fiber
Low in fat
Hey, I betcha didn't know that

When I eat beans
I sit in my own little cloud
Nobody comes to visit me
In my little cloud

I don't know why
Maybe 'cause I'm cuttin' muffins

I love beans!
Hey hey hey!
I love beans everyday!
Beans are an excellent source of protein
I love beans!

I Love Beans Lyrics

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