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Ordinary Guy Lyrics

Album/Collection: Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que
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[Space Ghost]
Wake up in the morning
And tickly-doo
Take a hot shower
Watch the news
Then eggs over easy
On the greasy side
Oh, yeah...
I'm just an ordinary guy

I'm an ordinary guy
Except I can fly
And sometimes I am invisible
All day long, I'm just rightin' wrongs
And makin' evil villains miserable

Oy! You can say that again

[Space Ghost]
I love makin' evil villains miserable

Of all the cartoon shows in all the universe
I get stuck on this one

[Space Ghost]
Work day's over and
I got me a date with a big fat piece of pie
I sit around thinking what a good boy am I
But, hey, I'm just an ordinary guy
Just an average superhero kinda guy
I'm just an extraordinary guy

Ordinary Guy Lyrics

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