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Ramblin' And Wanderin' Lyrics

Album/Collection: Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que
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[Space Ghost]
I'm ramblin'
Ramblin' high and low
I'm ramblin'
Ramble, ramble, ramblin'
Ramblin' everwhere I go
I ramble down to visit with Mary Jane
But she's up and moved away
And changed her name

So I go ramblin'
I'm just a ramblin' guy
I wonderin'
Yeah, wonderin'
Wonderin' here and there
And I'm wonderin'
Yeah, boy, I'm wonderin'
If I packed me enough underwear
I wonder down to visit with Agnus Rose
She slams the door so hard on me
It breaks my nose

Yeah, I go wonderin'
My oh my
I'm just a wonderin' guy
Oh yeah
Just a ramblin' wonderin' guy

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Ramblin' And Wanderin' Lyrics

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