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The Wet T-Shirt Contest Lyrics

Album/Collection: Joes Garage
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After a few weeks on the bus, being porked by Toad-O's road crew,
and being too exhausted to do their laundry on a regular basis, MARY
is dumped in Miami. With no money (and no other famous rock groups
due into the area for at least three weeks), she tries to pick up a
few bucks by entering the Wet T-shirt contest at The Brasserie...

Looks to me like something funny Is going on around here People
laughin' 'n' dancin' 'n' payin' Entirely too much for their beer And
they all think they are Clean outa-site And they're ready to party
'Cause the sign outside says it's WET T-SHIRT NITE 'N' they all
crave some Hot delight Well the girls are excited Because in a
minute They're gonna get wet 'N' the boys are delighted Because all
the titties Will get 'em upset 'N' they all think they are
Reety-awright 'N' they're ready to boogie 'Cause the sign outside
says it's WET T-SHIRT NITE 'N' they all crave some Pink delight When
the water gets on 'em Their ninnies get rigid 'N' look pretty bold
It's a common reaction That makes an attraction Whenever it's cold
'N' all of the fellas They wish they could bite On the cute little
nuggets The local girls are showin' off tonite You know I think it
serves 'em right You know I think it serves 'em right You know I
think it serves 'em right You know I think it serves 'em right And
it's WET T-SHIRT TIME AGAIN I know you want someone to show you some

At this point, FATHER RILEY (who had been recently de-frocked for
not meeting his quota, and has grown his hair out and bought a
groovy sport coat and moved to Miami and changed his name to BUDDY
JONES) steps onto the crowded bandstand in his exciting new role as

Buddy Jones:
Ah, thanks, IKE... Yes, it's WET T-shirt TIME AGAIN Here at the
Brasserie... Home of THE TITS...huh huh... And it's the charming
Mary from Canoga Park Up next in her bid for the semi-finals... Hi,
Mary...howya doin'?

Having been fucked senseless by the boys in the crew, MARY does not
recognize the former religious personage from her nights in the
rectory basement during which she acquired her basic manual
skills...confounded by his sport coat, she replies...


Realizing that she no longer recognizes him...or even appreciates
the patient religious training he had given her in the past, BUDDY
JONES, like a true WET T-SHIRT EMCEE type person, proceeds to say
various stupid things to waste time, making the contest itself take
longer, thereby giving the mongoloids squatting on the dance floor
an opportunity to buy more exciting beverages...liquid products that
will expand their consciousnesses to the point whereby they might
more fully enjoy the ambiance of Miami By Night...

Buddy Jones:
Where ya from?

Ah, the bus...

Buddy Jones:
Which one?

You know...the last tour... You know...Leather

Buddy Jones:
Oh...you were the girl stuck to seat 38 Phydeaux III... why don't
you get in position and take a deep breath, because this water is
very, very cold, but it's goin' to be so stimulating. And Mary's the
kind of Red- Blooded American Girl who'll do anything...


Buddy Jones:
I said anything...for fifty bucks That's right!

I really need the fifty bucks you know I gotta get home!

Buddy Jones:
Yeh, I know, your father is waiting for you in the tool
shed...that's right, you heard right...our big prize tonite is fifty
American Dollars to the girl with the most exciting mammalian

Here I am!

Buddy Jones:
...as viewed through a thoroughly soaked, stupid looking white sort
of male person's conservative kind of middle-of-the-road COTTON
UNDERGARMENT! Whoopee! And here comes THE WATER!


Buddy Jones:
No, you'd squeak more if the water got on you...sounds like you just
got an ice pick in the forehead...AND HERE COMES THE ICE PICK IN THE
FOREHEAD ...a million laughs, Mary! Anyway; good golly, what a
mess...she's totally soaked...yeh, totally committed to the fifty
bucks...That's it just step into the spotlight...let the guys get a
good look at ya honey!

Here I am!

Buddy Jones:
Whaddya say, fellas? Nice setta jugs? Now Mary, how's about shakin'
it around a little...


Buddy Jones:
Oh my goodness, look at her go!

Oooh! I'm dancing! I'm dancing!

Buddy Jones:
Ain't this what living is really all about! Here's your fifty bucks

Oh great! Now I can go home!

Buddy Jones:
Home is where the heart is.

On the bus.

The Wet T-Shirt Contest Lyrics

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