"This tune is actually a mix of two old-school Castlevania tunes, one being "Don't Wait Until Night" from the Arcade Castlevania known as Haunted Castle, and the other being "Heart of Fire", which is from the fifth level of Castlevania for the NES.

The Japanese name of this remix is "Don't Wait Until Night", while the US name, as written on the Sound Test of the game, is "Heart of Fire".

The remix of these tunes is done by Michiru Yamane, the composer of the Aria of Sorrow music. However, the tunes existed more than a decade ago, and were probably composed by the Konamie Kukehika Club. I'm not certain of that, however." That was what its actual sequencer said. The MIDI was found in VGMusic.com

This song belongs to Castlevania Aria of Sorrow