"WEDDING DANCE #1" immediately followed "SUNRISE SUNSET" with the music cue being "Motel breaks glass" (the end of the wedding ceremony).

This number also includes the noted "Bottle Dance" which is probably one of the most frequently recalled and remembered scenes in the show.

The original cast album (when they were still made of vinyl and played with a stylus) did not include this song--but the compact disc re-release included it as well as "The Rumor". Whoever the sound technician was should be shot--far too much reverberation and echo to the point where all of the music is just "mushed together"--plus the drummer must have been on speed--he seems to go insane while playing it.

All that taken into consideration--now in the age of computers we're able to synthesize the music and get a much better idea of what it sounded like in the original production.